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Minor Prophets
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The Minor Prophets

The Minor Prophets have been an interest of mine for several years.  I've found their messages to be quite relevant and comprehensive.  If you're interested in how The Twelve (as they're called in the Hebrew Bible, the Vulgate, and the Septuagint) were compiled and arranged as a part of the history of the Bible, click on the Introduction link below.  If you'd rather go directly to a specific prophet, click on the appropriate name in the table.  (Please be patient for a little while.  Almost all the notes on the Minor Prophets are complete, but it takes a little while to post them.  If a prophet you're interested in isn't ready yet, bookmark the page and check back in a little while.  Meanwhile, enjoy!)

Introduction to the Minor Prophets

Hosea Nahum
Joel Habakkuk
Amos Zephaniah
Obadiah Haggai
Jonah Zechariah
Micah Malachi


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