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Ascent Psalms
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The Psalms of Ascent

On The Way To Jerusalem

Songs of Ascent

Psalms 120 – 134

Preparing to Go

Psalms 120 – 122

120: Deliverance from sin and from sinners

121: Eyes on the destination and Guide

122: The joy of visiting Jerusalem

Problems Along the Way

Psalms 123 – 125

123: Trust God while sinners scoff

124: Only God can keep us safe

125: God establishes those who trust Him

Why take the Journey?

Psalms 126 – 128

126: We are happily a part of God’s reconstruction

127: God is building our household

128: God blesses each man who reveres Him

Arrival: Prepare for Worship

Psalms 129 – 131

129: Opposition and distraction must be overcome

130: Corporate prayer for forgiveness

131: Individual prayer for preparation

The Ultimate Encounter

Psalms 132 – 134

132: Petition God to meet us in the temple (send the Messiah)

133: Worship is refreshing!

134: Bless God, and may He bless you!

NOTES: This series of psalms is written as a journey; it is constructed as a quest motif. It conveys a sense of adventure, destination, and progress.

There are five sets of three Psalms each. The middle – hinge – section consists of Psalms 126 – 128. The hinge of the middle section is Psalm 127. The purposeful message here is: the key to blessing (both individual and corporate), successful worship, and the accomplishment of God’s work in the world focuses on the family.


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